Build your own text editor!

Want to build your own source code editor – or even better – your own IDE? You might have heard about (Q)Scintilla as a tool to help you in achieving that goal. This website offers you free documentation. Navigate through the chapters on the left sidebar, or click on the wheel if you are reading this on your smartphone/tablet.


About the authors

The documentation of QScintilla is written by Matic Kukovec, downloadable as a pdf. This website is created by Kristof Mulier to publish Matic his documentation. I took the liberty to make webpages based on Matic his pdf, and add some figures from time to time to clarify complicated stuff. Thank you Matic for making this possible!


The power of QScintilla

QScintilla is a very powerful tool. Matic Kukovec built a complete IDE using QScintilla: Ex.Co (Extensible Coder).

His IDE can handle syntax highlighting for a multitude of languages: Python, Nim, C, … He even managed to implement very advanced features like text diffing. The program works on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can download his software here.


Support (Q)Scintilla

Please consider making a donation to the creator of Scintilla, Neil Hodgson. He opened an account on Bountysource for fundraising. Your donation can give him the opportunity to improve Scintilla.